Sunday, November 27, 2011

The 1st Week of Advent

We have entered the 1st week of advent. Until a few years ago, the only thing I knew about advent was that as children, we always had advent calenders, with a door for each day, which hid a yummy chocolate!

As I sought and prayed over, ways to bring the focus to Christ more, in our family, during the Christmas season, I was introduced to Advent, as since our Decembers have been enriched, as our hearts and minds dwell on our Emmanuel, Christ among us.

Advent means 'coming', and in this season we prepare for the coming of our King. Jesus.

How sweet is the time spent together, with Daddy reading scripture, children listening in wonder, and then, lighting a candle. THIS is what I desire my children to remember, with presents, christmas trees and parties fading into the background,... and Christ, beautiful Lord, coming a new into our lives, more vivid and real, with each new advent!

If you like to begin recognizing advent in your home, here is a good resource for protestants!

I have not read the whole website, just this page, so I can't vouch for everything else on the website :-)

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