Saturday, March 1, 2014

A day in the life of an Oily Mom ...

As I pulled out my oils again, I began to think about just how often we use essential oils in our home now.

Just 2 months ago, I rarely, if ever used oils and now my children often ask for them. We take our oils everywhere.

I was thinking through the day and how we used them and decided to share. I will begin with last night, to give you a full 24 hours!

6pm - Mr Family EssentOIL had a long day and is tense, so I put some dress away on his neck and wrists and have him inhale some peace and calming. When I oil my husband, I think the oils combine with me giving him so tender care are a great team for unwinding from the work week.

6:30pm - We are catching up with old friends and she's diffusing some Ylangylang - it's heavenly! 

8pm - At an oily friends house my 1 year old is coughing a lot. We massage some RC in a carrier oil on her chest and back - she's no longer coughing in no time! 

9:30pm - We are home from dinner with friends and the little two are wound up so we but some cedarwood on their neck (just below each ear) and some lavender on each big toe to help them was down for bed. 

10pm -It's way past bedtime but the big girls complain of not feeling well so I make some tea with lemon and thieves, oh an raw organic honey too, to help knock out any sickies.

10:15pm - It's  definitely bed time but I massage some Digize into my eldest child's tummy as she has been having digestive problems. 

The Morning....

9am - I need to get dressed and going. I rub some En - R - Gee into my temples and whoa - mind is clear -fog is gone ( Rosemary in the blend is great for this!) and we get ready to go! 

11:30am - We are walking and my 7 year old falls over.  Frankincense and Lavender to the rescue! 

5pm - I'm pretty achy from walking around, so I pop some Deep Relief on my joints and rub some Copaiba on my muscles.

6pm - We changed a few stinky diapers and the air needs freshening - time to diffuse some purification!

6:30pm - Notice my little ones cheeks are red from the unexpected sun - so massage a little lavender on it with some coconut oil. Oh and pop some diluted thieves (has clove in!) on her gums to help her with that nasty teething pain and start thinking about writing this blog .....

So there you have it - a day in the life of an oiler! 

We used our little bag of oils so much and I can't imagine it any other way - and we don't carry around half the things we thought we needed in the diaper bag anymore!