Monday, September 20, 2010

The Servant Mother

Sometimes I am exhausted by the amount of complaining that mothers do about their children. I am saddened by their sarcastic remarks, devaluing jokes, focus on lack of me time, conversation on what a brat so and so is or how terrible the two's are, how little sleep they are getting... you get the picture.

I am not by any means saying that at times these feelings are not valid - yes, it's tiring, there are a lot of icky bodily functions you deal with and you're right - it's not about you any more.

However, when we focus on this in our conversation with other mothers it is not edifying, healthy or bringing glory to our heavenly Father. If all our time with friends are spent sharing horror stories of parenthood and battle scars - this is what our hearts and minds are focusing on.

We are to be servant mothers, as we model the servant God, our Savior. We serve with joy, giving praise for these little blessings that God has given us. We lift up His name as we tenderly love, sacrificially His little children.

In conversation, we talk about the sanctifying work the Lord is doing in our hearts as He teaches us to love our husbands and children. We lift each other up with prayer and encouragement. We share stories and experiences with a heart of pure motives. We listen to other moms with compassion and give them advice that brings glory to God.

Ladies, we have a Savior that died on the cross for us despite our sin, failures and rejection of Him. Let's serve our children as He serves us - despite their sin, failures, tantrums, back-chat...

These little people are made in the image of God, as are we. When we complain, 'gossip' and groan about our children, are we not saddening the Father as we would be if we were doing the very same about our neighbors?

When you are tired - Praise the Lord for His abundant grace in your life that He has given you stewardship of your child despite your failings. Praise Him that you are tired in His service - that through His blood you are deemed worthy.

When your child is disrespectful, Praise God for the mercy He has shown you and be moved with mercy towards your child.

If you feel like you have given all your emotional, spiritual and physical energy in service to your family - draw on the Father for strength through prayer as did Jesus when He faced the cross.

Rejoice and find joy in your children, correct them patiently with grace and let's not sit around for hours moaning and complaining about the high calling we have been given.

Motherhood is a high calling - whether through birth, adoption or being a mother in your church or community, to teenagers who need a maternal figure... it's your commission.