Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Caring for the umbilical cord with Goldenseal

If you have had children, you know all about caring for the cord after birth. The huge clamp, the worry of infection, the stink. We all make a sigh of relief when it eventually falls off.

I am very excited to announce, that there is another way! My midwife introduced me to a new techniques.

Firstly, rather than a clamp, she used a very small rubber band. This means you don't have this big clip to worry about that gets pulled about my clothes and is cumbersome. The band is so tiny that it also is so much easier to take care of the cord stump, you are not trying to work around the clamp.

Secondly, rather than using alcohol or water to clean the cord - you just use goldenseal powder!

Goldenseal is a natural antiseptic that comes in the form of a pleasant smelling goldenish powder.

You sprinkle in on at each diaper change and it keeps the area sterile and dry.

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