Sunday, November 27, 2011

30 Days of Thanks - Epic Blog Fail!

Well. I made it 15 days of blogging. Thankfully, my heart didn't stop giving thanks just because I didn't blog! So, I will close this chapter, now we have entered the season of Advent, and leave you with a few thanks that stand out!

I am thankful for....

Friends that pray for me and my family,
Sweet girls who are loving, affectionate and compassionate,
A wonderful husband desires to love me as Christ loves His bride - the Church,
A delightful little boy, who reminds me, as I look at him, of how amazing it is that Christ became flesh, a little baby boy, so small and vulnerable.

We had a lovely thanksgiving week. We spent our time reading Thanksgiving books, especially 'A Cranberry Thanksgiving'. We made Cranberry bread together, learned a new hymn together, learned about New England, Cranberrys are much more!

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