Thursday, December 22, 2011

Who you are.

We enter a time of year in which our lives can simultaneously be filled with the most wonderful of joy and the deepest of pain and sorrow. At Christmas, the problems we face, our personal challenges and the hurt that has been done towards us is somehow more magnified... a missing family member, a broken relationship, lack of money to participate in the commercial aspects of the season.

It is a season is which I believe, more of us ASK, Who am I? What is my life worth? Am I truly loved? Am I making the most of my life? Who is this Jesus, and does He truly have any relevance to my life in the here and now.

The answer is a resounding YES. Did you know, that you are precious to God? Do you know that you are made in His image and that HE, the God of the universe, HANDMADE and DESIGNED YOU. Yes YOU. He cares so much about every detail of your life. He cares if you are hurting, He cares if you are tired and weary.

It doesn't matter to Him, what you have done or where you have been. You are the apple of His eye, and as a mother welcomes home her wayward son, or a father embraces his daughter despite her mistakes, your heavenly Father's arms are open to you. He is waiting for YOU, to run into His arms.

Perhaps you, you have had some terrible wrongs done to you in life. Perhaps someone has done something to you or you have experienced something, so awful, that it influences you everyday and you cannot escape it. Do you know if breaks God's heart? Do you know that He wants to comfort you, to bring you healing?

GOD came to this earth as a mortal, tiny, child, because He loves you so much, that HE was willing to die for you. What other God, is there, that would be willing to be put through humiliation, beatings, mockery and a painful death, so that he could pay the debt of your failures and sin. So that, when you put your trust in HIM and make Him LORD in your life , you are are REMADE. You are NEW. Everything in the past is washed away. You are WHITE and PURE as snow.

That is not all. Not only are you remade, YOU are now the child of a KING. You are the son, or the daughter, of the greatest, most just, good, , king there ever was and ever will be. Nothing can change His love for you. This Christmas, accept the ultimate gift, the gift of LOVE. You are can apart of the family of God, and have a father that will never abandon or forsake you, that will always have your corner and fight for you.

You may wonder about me, about my faith, and this song below echo's the very thoughts and conflicts I have had... if you are lonely, empty, in pain, searching this Christmas... perhaps it will touch your heart...

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