Wednesday, December 15, 2010

What We Tell Our Kids About Santa...

Every Christian parent struggles with the dilemma: What do we tell our children about Christmas?

I ran across this post by Pastor Mark Driscoll on the Mars Hill website. It provides some interesting insights and helpful histories.

I was glad for some perspective, as tonight we went to our apartment complex party which had a Santa. I wasn't sure what to tell the children but also wanted to go to the party in order to join in with our community.

What We Tell Our Kids About Santa | Pastor Mark for the Washington Post | The Mars Hill Blog

I also want to clarify, on a general basis, that when I post articles written by other authors, I have read with discernment and found some or most of the information helpful. This does not mean I endorse every statement in the article or everything the individual says, writes or stands for. Remember - Do the research and make prayerful decisions.

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