Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The life of Joel (1 month old!)

With Every new baby, you learn something new. For example, Esther never spit up, so I guess I thought it all the comments of leaving the house covered in spit up or needing lots of burp rags were over exaggerated.

Esther never slept more than 20 minute stretches unless we were driving or she was being held. So when Rachel came out spitting up ALL the time, reflux etc it was quite a surprise. Also, when at just a week old she was sleeping 5 hour stretches, we were in shock, we didn't know that babies did that!

So, what have we learned about Joel so far?

Joel does not like to have his diaper wet at all. Esther and Rachel couldn't care less. So up until now, the whole 'babies cry to let you know if their diaper needs changing' was irrelevant, because the girls didn't. Yeah. Joel will wake up from a deep sleep to let us know... mommy, I need a new diaper!

He loves being on the changing table. This is where he smiles and vocalises the most. This is a new thing, since the girls didn't like having clothes and diapers changed. Joel will go from being fussy to big grins, simply by placing him on the changing table. (Esther and Rachel did not like being changed)

Joel loves baths! Esther hated being bathed, Rachel tolerated it but Joel gets so excited! He loves having his head rubbed while being shampooed and he loves having warm water poured on him.

Joel loves to sleep on his mommies chest. Again, the the girls didn't. But for Joel, he loves lying on his tummy on his mommy and having his head rubbed.

He loves his silly sisters who 'mother' him. They really are wonderful with him. He loves being worn and drinking lots and lots and lots of mommy's milk (Now that it's dairy and wheat free that is!).

We have also discovered, he loves listening to singing. He smiles so big when we sing him a Christmas carol and in the car, if we are driving and he is a little fussy, a song will settle him down fast. Rachel is always singing to him, its adorable!

Every baby is a new, wonderful adventure!

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