Monday, March 7, 2011

Week 1, Day 1.

WOW. What a day. What a start to the week. God is so good. We started day one of officially homeschooling with volume 1 of 'Five in A Row'.

Each week you read a classic 'living' children's book. Each book explores different cultures, country and concepts and encapsulates geography, history, language arts, religious studies, science, social studies and art.

This week we began with 'The Story about Ping' which is about a little duck who lives on the Yangtze River in China. He decides to avoid a consequence by running away but learns that being away from his family is much worse.

At the beginning of every day, you re-read the book so that the child is able to not only be reminded of the story but is able to pick up on new aspects that they might have missed in prior readings.

Today, we introduced the book with an explanation of where the title was, who the author was and the illustrator. We discussed concepts such as discernment and also that it's best to face up to our mistakes than avoid dealing with them.

We also introduced Esther to the world map, showing her the locations of friends and family around the world and marking them with a star. We also located our first picture disc of Ping in China. We found a the Chinese flag and colored it in.

Esther then continued the lesson with her curiosity 'Mommy, what kind of music and dancing do they do in China?', so we quickly did some searching on youtube for videos of traditional Chinese music and dance.

She is so excited, tonight she thanked God for 'school' and told Him she can't wait to learn more about the place where Ping is from.

I think Josh and I enjoyed ourselves as much as she did. It's so much fun to learn as a family. We are learning knew things too!

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