Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Compassion Photography

I first saw Mia's work through a mutual friend. She has an stunning talent for capturing atmosphere and personality. She adds her creative flair, bringing out the art and simply beauty in life.

What is more stunning, however, is how she is using her unique gifting from God to encourage families struggling with the reality, pain, heartache and struggles of having a sick child in and out of hospital. She knows about this experience first hand...

Mia writes:

"Especially close to my heart are families who are battling the illness of a child. My daughter Lauren, spent a lot of time during her younger years in and out of children’s hospitals, due to the dysfunction of her kidneys. We were showered with love and support during those days, but it was still the most difficult time of our lives. From the desire to give other families the same loving support and compassion we were given, Compassion Photography was born."

Compassion Photography is working directly with Cooks Children's Hospital in Fort Worth, Texas.

"Compassion Photography is a non-profit company. Working directly with Cook Children’s Medical Center, it is our earnest desire to provide professional photo shoots -at no cost- to families in the midst of battling an illness. At such times as these when money is tight, emotions are untamed, and the world seems upside down, familiy pictures aren’t exactly at the forefront of your mind. But it is essential to take some time away from the stresses and fears that come along with this life experience. A session with Compassion Photography allows you to step into a new scene for a while and just enjoy your family. During the time we spend together my main objectives are to make you smile, share some laughs, and tell a beautiful story of your family with my camera. Though times aren’t feeling so great for you right now, sometime soon you will be able to look back at your Compassion photographs and see that His arms were, indeed, wrapped tightly around you when you needed Him most."

You can see more about Compassion Photography's vision, see Mia's work and learn about their sister company 'BeCompassion' at

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