Friday, July 31, 2009

A sweet date

Yesterday, my husband and I went on an afternoon date. We decided that would be better so that we could keep the children in there evening routines and not have to move them sleeping.

First we went to Barnes and Nobles, where we walked around and found books that we were wanting to read, then flicked through them and discussed them over some coffee. We also shared a huge brownie with chocolate chunks.

After, we decided to go and check out the half price books clearance section where Josh found two books he had been needing for just a $1. Funnily, he was just saying how he never finds anything in the clearance section for himself whereas I always do. We had a reversal of results, I found nothing!

Wandering around and bantering, Josh pointed to a book and used its title to finish his sentence making me giggle, I quickly looked around for a title to respond with. Thus a game was born!

I know that our conversation made very little sense, but we had a great time and were giggling and smiling like a pair of teenagers on their first date!

Sometimes, the simplest, cheapest dates are the most wonderful!

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