Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Daybook :-)

Outside my window...
Red blooms on the green tree, looking out of place in the Texas heat.

I am thinking... of fall, cooler, windy days and time outdoors, colorful leaf montages.

I am thankful for... A lovely morning with sweet, uplifting ladies and special little ones.

From the kitchen... Delicious pancakes for breakfast

I am wearing... My new favorite full length skirt from the Clothing Exchange this last saturday, a dark brown t-shirt and barefeet.

I am creating... there is a pattern for a little girl's capri and ruffle shirt on my table just waiting to be made!

I am going... I am home for the rest of the evening and looking forward to time with P & S tomorrow afternoon.

I am reading... The Nutrition Book but hoping to find some Christian fiction to 'relax' to!

I am hoping... to watch another sermon with my beloved tonight before he leaves for work.

I am hearing...
My A/C unit turning on, the lovely sound of my nursling enjoying mama's milk.

Around the house...
things needs to be put in order, my laundry needs to be put away, the dishes taken out the dishwasher, the floor swept and mopped and dinner cooked all before 5pm!

One of my favorite things... heartfelt hugs and I love you's from E and sweet giggles from little R.

I am praying... for a joyful, thankful and peaceful heart.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Reorganizing the girl's room, planning Rachel's first birthday party.

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  1. You found me! And I see that you found the daybook, also. I like your blog! :)