Sunday, August 16, 2009


Outside my window... Are dream's of my own garden one day. A vegetable patch... a tree swing... a fort... a cloth's line... roses... working as the children run and play. I have ordered The Backyard Homestead. to educate myself!

I am thinking... about the future, the plans God has for us... our life feels like a an adventure story, we've barely made it past the prologue yet!

I am thankful for... this cozy rocking chair in the girls room, where I can relax after our voyage to the park in the hot sun, while they play contented.
From the kitchen... Last night I made cottage pie, a favorite in our home. Somehow last night, it happened to taste just perfect!

I am wearing... all black!?! I try to avoid alot of black. I was wearing a green shirt over a black tank, but I got too hot, hence... woman in black.

I am creating... not much, since my sewing machine and fabric is packed right now. Although... I am 'creating' a little sanctuary for me and the girls in their room.

I am going... to be mostly at home this week, working on unpacking. Also, enjoying a park right around the corner!

I am reading... Feeding your child for lifelong health. Learning about metabolic programming and understanding vitamins and minerals more! I am also reading some blogs, enjoying Elizabeth Foss's right now.

I am hoping... that my husband and I can have a date night this week.

I am hearing... drum rhythms! First worship team practice tomorrow. I am nervous.

Around the house... boxes, boxes and more boxes. A project a day! Tomorrow, I am working on re-shelving books and CDs.

One of my favorite things... Cold milk and chocolate. So nice after a long day!

I am praying... for Josh's uncle who is having some major medical issues right now.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Worship Team Practice, Food Ministry, Date :-D Fun family day, unpacking, hopefully seeing Ashley.

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