Saturday, January 15, 2011

Living in the future: When did I get old?

Ok, I get it, I am not really old. But when kids already refer to things you thought were new and exciting as 'old fashioned' and you find yourself saying things like 'Oh yes, I went there but it was, hmmm, 18 years ago' - You feel old. So, it got me thinking about all the 'cool' things that are old news now.

When I was a kid
Compact Disks were scary.
We didn't get the point.
A cassette worked just fine and they were cheaper.
Now CD's are old school. What's a cassette? A record, what?
Pass me the iPod.

I'll admit. I still haven't got into the blu-ray thing. It was not that long ago we were buying VHS. I'm still adjusting to DVDs. Give me more time.

I remember schools getting the first computer labs,
Pioneering new territories in education. Most of the class was taken waiting for the computer to turn on.
We used Ask Jeeves, what's Yahoo?
If you were cool, you had a hotmail account.
Does anyone use hotmail anymore?

Video conferencing was this crazy futuristic thing.
The whole webcam thing was amazing.
Now you can skype from your iPhone.
Seriously, that wasn't something that was supposed to be possible while I was alive,
That was 'THE FUTURE', space agey kinda stuff.

Not all cars had seatbelts. Unleaded fuel was green. Electronic cars, again - space age material.

Remember those HUGE Nokia bricks that everyone had with the big antennae?
We actually thought those were small. Phone charms - enough said.

I know I am not the only one who got excited watching 'Aladdin', being amazed at the animation.
Being blown away by the special effects on Jurassic Park.

Back to the internet. Only rich people had that. Do you remember Libby Kennedy arguing with Carl about getting it, but he was resistant it was so expensive! Oh and dial up. I can't believe we actually couldn't use our phones when the internet was on.

And just for fun...

Slap Bracelets
Adidas pants
The Spice Girls
Take That
Boom boxes
Teenage girls talking like the teletubbies

And back to the point:

I am living in an era, in which the things that seemed like they wouldn't happen for hundreds of years until people lived on the moon and drove flying cars are actually happening.

It's just strange. I am beginning to believe that I'll see people frequently transporting like in Star Trek.

And that leads me to another thing... watching old space movies and thinking how old tech the computer equipment looks on the space ships.

Tecnology and trends move so fast. Yet, the awesome thing is, that God is the same, He still loves us and seeks a relationship with us.

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