Monday, December 31, 2012

Looking back...

2010 was a year of searching, waiting, not really understanding what exactly the future held. Fresh out of seminary, but non of those long awaiting light bulbs saying 'THIS IS GODS PLAN" turned on. We were full of willingness, eager, ready to go wherever on the next phase of the adventure. Finally the path became clear, and it took us full into a storm... the storm that consumer 2011...

2011 was a year of darkness. I battled mostly in secret awful post natal depression and we were surrounded by many sources of darkness all around us, in the the form of people, tragedies, organizations... I empathized with Job ... everything was stripped and taken away, we were humiliated, naked, despised, and many questioned whether we were truly in Gods will. I know now, that we were, in every way, for our own sanctification, the pain had to come. 2011 was the year, I was like Ernest the dragon... painfully, painfully... the scales being ripped off, to reveal pink, new, tender, flesh... Yes, it was a year of darkness, but it was necessary, so that something more beautiful could emerge. Now I rejoice for this awful year...

2012 was a year of recovery. Learning to walk again, learning to laugh, finding peace, forgiveness, letting go of pains and hurts, of understanding why, new beginnings... 2012 ... the year of healing & of being reminded, that God keeps His promises, to those who serve Him, steadfast with all their hearts, in true penance and desire to grow, serve & obey.  At the start of 2012, we made a commitment and a prayer of our heart... to end the year with more JOY... and I fully see, that prayer and desire has been answered. For where joy was lacking in 2011, our home and hearts have overflowed with it in 2012.

2013 ...   I have some thoughts of what you hold, but what will be your story?  

I eagerly await what you have to offer, because whatever it holds,  I know that God's hand is in it, and it is for my good.

I will share tomorrow some of my hopes, intentions and prayers for the new year!

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