Thursday, July 15, 2010

In the details...

As a mother, I am constantly aware of my own fallen nature and sin. It's easy to get caught up in all the things we feel will negatively impact our precious children rather than noticing all the things we are doing right. The Lord reminded me of this in the sweetest way recently.

As I watch Esther and Rachel together, I see how gentle and kind they are. They talk to each other in sweet voices, are happy to help each other, share beautifully and even at this young age make sacrifices in small ways for each other. They adore each others company and do thoughtful things for each other on their own initiative. I watch Esther comfort her little sister when she falls and see Rachel's heart break when her 'Idy' is crying.

Another beautiful thing to witness is their tenderness and thoughts towards babies. They see a baby as someone to be nurtured. They are doting and complimentary of visiting babies, lavishing affection on them, singing them songs and looking at them with that innate desire to nurture that little girls have.

Even more telling, is the way Esther handles Rachel when she does something 'naughty'. Esther is very patient, she explains things to her carefully, does not scream, shout or lash out, but carefully re-directs her in a positive way. Sometimes, she will put her hand on her little hip and look exasperated at her younger sibling then quickly recompose herself and firmly but lovingly correct her sister.

Most wonderful, is seeing the Holy Spirit working in my tiny Christian's life. For her heart to be burdened with prayer for friends or family. When she identifies sadness in someones life and says ' I think that person needs Jesus!' or she is torn up about injustice that she sees. The most amazing experience is when after making a bad choice, comes to me hours later, despite the apology she made at the time of the incident and genuinely apologises from the bottom of her little heart.

Yes, I am a sinner... and my parenting will never be perfect, but how wonderful it is that I have a heavenly Father, so merciful and graceful that teaches me to be a mother after His own heart, to improve each day...

I must say... my kids are pretty amazing... and i give thanks to the Lord alone for it!

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  1. you are so humble rosie! you are one of the most gentle, uplifting, and firm mothers i know. your kids are so sweet and esther's journey reflects her upbringing under a god fearing mother with a cute english accent. :) love you lots friend!